How do I receive Baptism?

The Lutheran Church welcomes all age, both children and adults, for Baptism. Baptism is a "sacrament", the means by which a person receives God's gracious love and becomes a member of the Body of Christ, which is the Church. If you desire baptism for a child, or for yourself, please contact the Pastor at the Church Office. Candidates for baptism and their families are encouraged to worship regularly, and prepare for Baptism with the Pastor.

May I be married at St. Michael's?

There is a big difference between having "a wedding in a church building" and having "a Christian marriage." St. Michael's is committed to helping couples develop a lifelong Christian marriage, and to supporting you in your relationship. If you are considering marriage, please contact the church office to speak with the Pastor. Pre-marital counseling is also offered and required. It is strongly recommended you contact the church a minimum of 6 months in advance, preferably a year in advance, to check availability of the church building and staff, as well as to set-up counseling preparation appointments.

How do I schedule a funeral at St. Michael's?

Ministry at the time of death is an important part of the Christian ministry. Whether you wish to prepare your own funeral in advance, or a loved one dies unexpectedly, our Pastor and staff are available to assist you in preparing an appropriate Christian funeral, memorial, or graveside service. We offer a traditional Christian burial service, that is personalized with music, hymns, and Scriptures of your choosing. If you are in need of such services, please contact the church office to speak with the Pastor.

What if I am sick, in crisis, hospitalized, or homebound?

If you are sick, in the hospital, or homebound (temporarily or permanently), please contact the church office directly by phone or email to let the Pastor know. For long-term illness or shut-ins, we also have teams of trained lay Eucharistic Ministers, who assist the Pastor by visiting and bringing Holy Communion to you.

Is the church building available for rental for group or private use?

Yes, when available, the church is open for rental for groups and private parties. Contact the church office for information, fees, and to check availability. Priority is given first to church activities, second to groups/organizations that utilize the church regularly, and finally to private parties or other groups. St. Michael's is a very busy place, so it is wise to contact the church office well in advance of your desired event.

How is your building "Handicapped Accessible"?

Our Chapel and Fellowship Hall are located on our main level, which is easily accessible from the parking lot along side the church building. Ther is a chair-lift for access to our 2nd floor Sanctuary.

Is the church air-conditioned?

Presently, the Chapel (8:00) is the only air-conditioned worship space.